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    ▲Our History
    R-Star is a professional highlight LCD manufacturer from China, as a superior global supplier, we can provide from 10.1′ to 98′ full range highlight TFT LCD module, including Semi-outdoor LCD, Ultrathin highlight LCD, Outdoor highlight splicing screen, Outdoor highlight LCD, Industrial-grade highlight and customized strip LCD, Bar LCD, Transparent LCD and display shelves, double-face LCD, highlight double-face screen and other high-end LCD panel. Anyhow, R-Star has more than 5 years of high-brightness backlight module technology experience, 8 years of large-scale TFT module design, research and development, production comprehensive capacity, 10 years of high-quality raw material supply chain.
    ▲Our Factory
    At present, R-Star has more than 3000 SQM of dust-free plant, around 150 employees, and complete supporting facilities. We also have excellent performance and advanced production equipment (such as C0G, glass cutting machine, laminating machine, laminating machine, defoaming machine, etc.) and inspection equipment (such as tension tester, constant temperature division wet testing machine, etc.). Production by a single TFT-LCM product r & d, production, sales increase set backlight (B/L) r & d, production, and sales. There are two automatic production line, to produce around 1,000,000 PCS small size Highlight TFT – LCD, around 30,000 PCS large size Highlight LCD, Ultra-thin LCD, Industrial LCD, including around 5000 PCS Highlight bar LCD, Transparent LCD and display case, Highlight double-face LCD.
    ▲Our Product
    Main products: 7′ – 98′ Highlight LCD, Highlight Seamless Mosaic LCD, and Bar LCD.
    Brightness: 500cd — 4000cd Advertisement machine, Touch all-in-one, Splicing screen, Charging pile, Express cabinet, Bar LCD, Window screen, Electronic photo frame, Magic mirror and a series of other products related to display equipment.
    ▲Product Application
    To export more than 40 countries, products are widely used in outdoor digital signage, outdoor advertising machine, mirror TV, waterproof TV, outdoor TV, Glassesless 3D advertising machine, Electronic bus stop sign Outdoor electronic newspaper reading, Industrial display equipment, Instruments and apparatus, Rail transportation LCD indicator, Military vehicle, Digital, Security, Household appliances and other display terminal equipment.
    ▲Our Certificate
    ROHS2.0cheap 49″ Indoor Splicing Display