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    The milling center adopts a vertical frame layout, the column is fixed on the bed body, the headstock moves up and down along the column (Z direction), the carriage moves longitudinally along the bed (Y direction), and the table moves laterally along the carriage (X direction) Structure.
    The large parts such as bed, workbench, sliding seat, column and headstock are made of high-strength cast iron. These large parts are optimized by 3D computer software, the ribs are arranged reasonably, and the heat treatment process is perfect to eliminate residual stress. Ensure that the machine has sufficient strength, rigidity and high stability.
    Main configuration
    1. H300 high quality casting (Yinchuan).
    2. Imported ball screw of Closed loop vertical machining center. (Taiwan Hiwin c3)
    3. Imported 24 disc robot knives (Taiwan Okita, Sohix, Desu)
    4. Triaxial super wide heavy duty rectangular rail structure.
    5. Precision lock nut. (Taiwan Yingxi)
    6. Made in Taiwan 8000 spindles (Rosie, Yusuke, Poussin, Jige) spindle pulleys and belts.
    7. Taiwan-made supercharged cylinders (Shangpin, Beibei, Yushang).
    8. Imported bearings of Closed loop vertical machining center. (NSK, FAG)
    9. Imported coupling (R+W)
    10. X, Y, Z (bottom) stainless steel rail protection.
    11. Imported lubrication system. (Japan River Valley)
    12. Domestic high-quality cooling system water pump, water tank.
    13. Pneumatic components, (Taiwan Ya Deke, Jefffield).
    14. Electric components (Schneider, Delixi).Wholesale Machining Center