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    Product Advantage
    Cold Extrusion, Stamping, also widely known as general pressing, is a universal process in the metalworking industry. It includes a variety of manufacturing processes, such as embossing, coining, bending and flanging, as well as punching and blanking.
    With 25 years extensive experience in stamping industry, DELISHI has developed a specially designed high-speed precision-control stamping press to serve the stamping world across the globe.
    1. Faster approaching and returning speeds by inner cylinder allow very high production efficiency;
    2. Very simple and convenient adjusting device makes ram or upper working table pressing at any position within its whole stroke and the length of approaching and pressing strokes can be verb easily adjusted;
    3. Pressing capacity can adjusted according to applied pressing technology.
    Product Application
    1. Stamping , forming , shallow , drawing and pressing assembly etc.
    2. Forming of phone metal back cover, spectacle parts, lock parts, metal hardware, pressing assembly of electronic connectors, electric components and rotor & stator of motor etc.
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    Our equipment is packaged in containers and transported by Sea ship.China Servo Hydraulic Press suppliers