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    Model no.: BH26D45I
    Product Description: This 4.5 digit digital voltmeter is a perfect digital DC voltmeter for connecting to your DC voltage system up to 600V. It supports to test positive and negative value (+/- voltage), and this is the isolated version which supports multiple voltmeters powered from on power supply, mainly used to monitor the storage-battery voltage and know the running status of the voltmeter and this 4.5 digit digital voltmeter also applied to measuring the voltage of other products, such as motorcycle, car, E-bike, Scooter, and so on.
    1.Easy to install with standard size, and easy to read
    2.4 wires and 4.5 digit
    3.Supports to test positive and negative value
    4.With high accuracy and excellent use experience
    5.Working stable and with strong anti-interference performance
    6.This is the isolated version, multiple voltmeters can be powered from one power supply
    7.Full cover design is much safer, and half cover is available also.
    8.Supports reverse protection to prevent the meter from burning when wired reversely
    9.Can be re-calibrated by adjusting the calibration potentiometer
    10.In order to achieve the best measurement accuracy, this 4.5 digit digital voltmeter will automatically measure the voltage by moving the position of the decimal point according to different voltages.
    11.Display 鈥淗鈥?when the voltage is higher than the measuring range.
    12.This 4.5 digit digital voltmeter is widely used to monitor the storage-battery voltage, with reverse connection protection. Timely grasp the status of your battery between full charged and discharged.
    13.This 4.5 digit digital voltmeter is widely used for cars, motorcycles, bikes, substation automation, distribution automation, test equipment, voltage regulator and so on.
    Following is the datasheet for different measuring range:
    銆€Full measurementResolution
    YB5145I-200mVDC +/-199.990.01mV
    YB5145I-2VDC +/-1.99990.0001V
    YB5145I-20VDC +/-19.9990.001V
    YB5145I-200VDC +/-199.990.01V
    YB5145I-600VDC +/-600.00.1V
    Display: 4.5 digit, 0.56″LED for full cover version, 0.40″LED for half cover version
    Measurement Rate: about 2 times/S
    Display Color: Red and Blue available
    Power Supply: DC8~18V
    Input Polarity: +/- DC voltage
    Measurement Accuracy: 0.1% (+/- 1 digit)
    Working Voltage: DC8 ~ 18V
    Working Current: <200mA
    Working Temperature: -10掳c – +50掳c
    Working Humidity: 10-80%
    Sunlight: No exposure directly
    Product Size: 79mm x 43mm x 25mm
    Cutout Size: 76mm x 39.5mmChina Digital Voltmeter suppliers