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    KEVINS agglomerate of Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder
    Hexagonal boron nitride is thermal management filler in electronics applications. But common platy multilayer hexagonal Boron Nitride is anisotropy thermal conductivity material with large surface area which cause high oil absorption rate.The viscosity will be high when mixing. So it’s difficult to achieve high loading levels composites with platy hBN. To solve these problems, we developed agglomerate hBN from platy form hBN. This powder looks like white sugar with good flow ability. This grade powder mean particle size in the range of 100 to 250microns.

    Typical Application
    ·compounded thermal conductive plastics
    ·gap fillers and underfills
    ·silicone pad
    ·thermal conductive encapsulants
    Typical Properties of Sinyo’s agglomerate of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder.
    Size Distribution (um)100-250
    Tap density(g/cm3)0.41
    Crystal size(um)5
    Surface area ㎡/g4.5
    Manner of packing: 10kg in two layers PE bag and packed in a paper drum;
    1kg in aluminum film bag, 10bags in a paper drum;
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